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Vertigo, Meniere's Disease & Dizzy Spells Treatment

You deserve your life back

I have successfully helped many cases of vertigo over the years. I am sharing my experience with people who suffer from vertigo, Meniere’s disease and dizzy spells here. I am sure you are looking for a solution to get rid of your vertigo. Let me tell you a bit more about vertigo here…..


What causes vertigo and dizziness?

Vertigo, Meniere's disease and Dizzy spells are caused by water retention in the ear, stomach (and spleen), kidney, or Liver Qi stagnation according to Chinese Medicine. 

If your vertigo is caused by ear water retention, simply massage the head acupressure point, apply a heat pack often, and take ginger water every day and I guarantee you will get much better from doing it. (Please check “Discover how can get acupressure instant works for vertigo/Meniere's disease/dizzy spells at home”) 

If your vertigo is caused by stomach and spleen water retention, you need to apply Unique JiaJi acupressure massage on both sides of your spine.  You also need to use a heat pack and take ginger water as well as the head acupressure point.  

If your vertigo is caused by Kidney water retention or Liver Qi stagnation, you need to apply Unique JiaJi acupressure massage too. 

Vertigo can be a combination result of water retention in ear, stomach, kidney and Liver Qi stagnation. Therefore you need acupuncture and Chinese herbs as well as the head acupressure and Unique JiaJi points massage. 


Noel's Case Study

Noel has been suffering from vertigo due to a car accident for at least 10 years. He has dizzy spells when he turns his head from side to side and forwards and backwards in his first visit. I did the head acupressure points for him and that gave him immediate relief from vertigo.  



How to apply Unique JiaJi points to cure dizzy spells, vertigo and Meniere’s disease.

Let's go back to Noel's case here. After 2 weeks of giving himself the head acupressure points, using a heat pack and taking Chinese herbs every day at home, Noel was feeling much better. In his second visit, he told me that he had no more dizzy spells when turning his head from side to side and moving his head forwards and backwards. The only thing still troubling was that he still suffered from dizziness for about 5 seconds whenever he lay on his back which he did not mention to me in his first visit. Please note that if you have vertigo when you lay on your back like Noel, then your vertigo is caused by stomach and spleen water retention. Nausea and vomiting are indicating water in the stomach too. 

Noel had his 5th treatment yesterday (7/06/2014), he reported he has not got any dizzy spells in the last 3 day at all.





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