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David Sim 


Senior Acupuncturist
Registered Acupuncturist
D.Ac, BHSc of TCM, AcNZ (or full Acupuncture NZ), ACC Treatment


Sangkuk(David) Sim was born in Seoul, Korea and migrated to New Zealand in 2007. He studied a mixture of Western and Chinese medicine for 3 years at Henan University, Zheng Zhou in China. He continued studying his TCM degree in New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine 2009.

From very beginning of his carrier as an acupuncturist he always has a great interest in having a good balance and posture, which leads him to continue with additional but professional self studies like anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. He finished a unique course called Doo Sol medical acupuncture which is combined with oriental medicine and human anatomy that emphasizes the importance of having a good posture for better treatments effect.   

At each session, he delivers not only acupuncture treatment but he also provides information about 'active treatment' by having a good posture and exercise.  His journey for study has not finished yet since he credits that continuous practitioner developing is the key in better practice and therefore better treatment.

Attended seminar 

1) Doo Sol Medical Acupuncture Seminar 2011

2) Dr Tan Wu Bian Balance Method Acupuncture Seminar - 2013

3) Dr Tan Wu Bian Balance Method Acupuncture Seminar - Advance Clanss - 2014

4) Acupuncture treatment for correction motion and posture with Dr Moon 2015

5) Matt Callison presents Assessement and Treatment of Lower Leg Injuries 2017

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